Featured Project: Grammatical Diversity 

Minimal differences found in linguistic varieties that are overall very similar provide linguists the opportunity to take a close look at where exactly grammatical systems differ, and how exactly they differ. Read more here.

Outreach Projects

North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad 


Collaboration with Sewanee

Talk about the Collaborative Project

Public Voices 

 Fellow for the Public Voices Thought Leadership program for 2014-2015

Federally-funded Grants

National Science Foundation grant, 2014-2016

“The Microsyntax of Pronouns in North American English”. Co-Principal Investigator: Jim Wood. Total amount: $330,593. (BCS-1423872) 

National Science Foundation grant, 2006–2008

“Collaborative Research: The Comparative Morpho-Syntax of Appalachian English”. Co-Principal Investigators: Judy Bernstein, Marcel den Dikken, Christina Tortora and Raffaella Zanuttini. Total amount: $208,037. (BCS- 0617133). See brief description here

National Science Foundation grant, 2003–2005

“Clause Types: Form and Force in Grammatical Theory”. Co-Principal Investigators: Paul Portner and Raffaella Zanuttini. Total amount: $206,664. (BCS- 0234278). Visit project website here.